This summer  wedding is one of our favourites. Not only because of this couple’s pure love, but also because of our beautiful bride’s unique style! They gave us the chance to completely transform a venue, into a wonderful and romantic scenery.

The decoration of the venue was romantic with white, gold and dusty pink.

The wedding bouquet was absolutely unique and amazing, consisting of the colours we used for the decoration, adding an extra elegance to our bride’s beautiful wedding dress.

She was brave enough to wear red shoes that everybody loved.

The decoration of the church, had a concept, that their little prince chose!As he was baptised, we had wooden cars with lots of flowers in it, and a beautiful candy bar, full of cookies and cupcakes!

The couple came on a boat, and all the guests welcomed them with many many white balloons that decorated and brightened the sky!



Photography: Fotis Sid Photography

Christos Masouras