Rainy wedding day!

Those who think that only sunshine brings happiness, have never danced in the rain!

What happens when everything is set, you are pretty sure that it is not going to rain on your wedding day and suddenly the sky turns grey, and it rains so much?

Well, it depends; if you believe in true love, if the only thing that matters to you is to celebrate your love with your other half, if the people that are invited at your wedding love you so much, that they do not care if they dance in the rain all night long, you can have the most magical day of your life!

That is what happened at the wedding of Nancy and Kostas, a couple we loved from the very beginning! Right before their first dance,we saw  the first drops of water! A rainy wedding day!

Our couple danced in the rain and for almost an hour all the guests, all of our team didn’t stop dancing!

A month later, we did it again! We enjoyed their wedding party once again, at the same place , with the same team and luckily without the rain!

The feelings we shared on that night, were so strong, and we couldn’t thank Nancy and Kostas enough, for teaching all of us, that all that matters, is to celebrate the love you have for each other, under any circumstances, even if it rains!

The wedding ceremony took place at a chapel next to the sea. A basket full of rice and tissues was there, on the welcome table for all guests.

The wedding party took place at an olive grove, on the beach. Candles, string lights and flowers were the bacic elements of the  the wedding decoration. A red couch we used as a photobooth, completed the magical scenery!

Tree trunks were used as a wedding seating plan!

Enjoy this lovely rainy wedding we will always hold dear in our hearts!